England Vs Pakistan 2nd Test: Match Drawn

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Published on: Aug 18, 2020

With a bitterly disappointing 2nd test match due to thunderstorms throughout and stopping for bad light, we look ahead to the 3rd and finally Test between England and Pakistan at Old Trafford

A typical poor English summer ruined what was lining up to be a very competitive and hard-fought test match – one in which we thought could have gone one of either ways. England without star man Ben Stokes and Pakistan with their tail between their legs and a point to prove due to throwing away the first test having been very comfortable and looks dead set for the win on Day 5.

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Although the majority of the test has been unavoidably ruined due to some weather, there has been called by some pundits and experts to try and change the rules to allow for more cricket to be played. None other than former England captain Nasser Hussain went on to say in a Sky Sports interview: "I had sympathy for the umpires on day two, they were just following the letter of the law, but today there has been a lack of effort to get the game on. For the amount of rain, we have had in this game, to only have had 86 overs of cricket is disgraceful. The effort that's gone in to get this Test series on, to just not have any effort to get out there and play the game [is not right].”

Although the ICC has come forward and said that rules are rules and that they cant be changed per each test, there has been called for them to be looked at to be potentially made more flexible so that more cricket can be played – the outcome that everyone ultimately wants.

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