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We often talk about cricketers and retirement. A number of players who hang up their gloves end up entering the commentary box, and then remain there for years. It is a lucrative career in itself, and the ex-players also get an opportunity to share the views on the game they love and have played with passion.

That Laxman Sivaramakrishnan was a genuinely talented leg spin bowler is a given. However, it is equally true that he failed to do justice to his potential, a potential that was amply evident in the first Test of the five match series between India and England at the Wankhede Stadium in Bombay...

Kevin Pietersen announced his shock retirement from international limited overs cricket at the age of 31 earlier this week. In this feature, we look back at a few other talented cricketers, who quit either one format of the game or the sport altogether, much earlier than expected.

Former India all-rounder and popular TV Commentator - Ravi Shastri has ridiculed the Indian batsmen

The Second Vodafone Test Match between Australia and India begins tomorrow at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Historically, the Sydney Cricket Ground has been known to aid the spin bowlers and its therefore India's better hunting grounds down under.