Australia vs India 1st Test at Nagpur, 09 Feb, 2023

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 177/10 (63.5)  &  91/10 (32.3)
India 400/10 (139.3)
India won by an innings and 132 runs
Man of the Match: Ravindra Jadeja
  • Steven Smith 25 * (51)

Over 31.5 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Scott Boland, no run, gets forward and looks to defend forward but it turns away and rolls off the edge to slip

Over 31.6 Ravindra Jadeja bowls a quicker arm ball to Scott Boland, no run,  gets forward to defend but is beaten as the ball turns sharply

Over 32.3  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Scott Boland, out Lbw!!  Length ball that bends in as Shami finds reverse again, Boland is beaten on the inside edge, he's rooted to the crease and it smashes him on the pad.

India won by an inning and 132 runs and lead the series with 1-0

Ashwin (2/2): This is probably the Plan A they (Australia) had, I am sure they'll introspect and try to come out with different plans next game. I've experimented a lot, but to stay at the moment is very important. If you keep flying and wanna make plans in the air, sometimes it can go amiss. I expect Australia to come back really hard and strong. They are a world-class side. This game, we just batted beautifully and batted deep even today. 220 is a lot of runs. The next game would be different, I am looking forward to it. (Designated nightwatchman this series?) I really look forward to going out there and batting. I am getting into good positions. If and when there's an opportunity, I am always ready. Knowing Puji, I think it's going to happen

Pat Cummins: The game moves pretty quickly here at times in India. They played very well. The spinners are always going to be hard work when it's spinning. Rohit played very well. The wicket spun (in the first innings) but wasn't unplayable. Should've scored 100 more runs. Starting here is tough but 3-4 of our guys got in. When you do get in, got to score big scores. Murphy was fantastic.

Rohit Sharma: Very important at the start of the series. Happy that I could put the performance for the team. Was unfortunate that I had to miss few Tests because of injuries but I'm happy to be back. Since I was appointed Test captain, have played just two Tests. Got Covid in England, missed South Africa, got a freak injury against Bangladesh. Was ready for this one. The last few years, the kind of pitches we are playing in India, you need to have application and some sort of plan to score runs. I've grown up playing a lot in Mumbai on surfaces that turns a lot. You need to be slightly unorthodox as well, use your feet. Need to put pressure on bowlers as well by doing something different. And that different could be whatever suits you - using your feet, sweeping, reverse-sweeping. It was the first two overs from the seamers. 2/2 - starting a game like that, you're in the ascendancy. Opposition is under pressure from there. We know we have quality in our spin department. But the seamers can be threatening as well on a pitch like that.

Jadeja, Player of the Match: Feeling amazing. When you come back after five months and give your 100 percent, scoring runs and taking wickets.. feels amazing. Was working hard at the NCA. Would like to thank the NCA staff, physios. They have been working hard with me, even on Sundays. Was looking to bowl in good areas. Ball was spinning, going straight, keeping low. Kept telling myself to bowl at the stumps - if they make mistake, I have a chance. I look to keep things simple. Try not to change things with my batting. It's a crucial number - 5, 6, 7.