Australia vs England 3rd ODI at Melbourne, 22 Nov, 2022

Toss: England, who chose to bowl
Australia 355/5 (48)
England 142/10 (31.4)
Australia won by 221 runs - Match reduced to 48 overs due to rain - revised target 364
Man of the Match: Travis Head
  • David Willey 12 * (7)

Over 7.2: Sixer!. David Willey to Travis Head,

Over 20.1 Liam Dawson tossed up delivery to David Warner,Six!  Gets under the ball and lofted it over the boundary for half-a-dozen

Over 27.1: Sixer!. David Willey to David Warner,

Over 34.2: Sixer!. Liam Dawson to Travis Head,

Over 36.1: Sixer!. Olly Stone to Travis Head,

Over 44.1: Sixer!. Sam Curran to Mitchell Marsh,

Over 47.1: Sixer!. Olly Stone to Mitchell Marsh,