Bangalore XI vs Chennai XI 22nd Match at Mumbai, 12 Apr, 2022

Toss: Bangalore, who chose to bowl
Chennai XI 216/4 (20)
Bangalore XI 193/9 (20)
Chennai won by 23 runs
Man of the Match: Shivam Dube
  • Mohammed Siraj 14 * (11)
  • Josh Hazlewood 7 * (7)

Over 2.1 Maheesh Theekshana bowls it flat in the air to Anuj Rawat,1 run, rock back in the crease and cuts to backward point

Over 2.2 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Faf du Plessis,1 run, gets forward and flicks towards square leg

Over 2.3 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Anuj Rawat,1 run, gets forward and driven along the ground to long-off for one.

Over 2.4 Maheesh Theekshana bowls it short of length to Faf du Plessis, no run, goes deep inside the crease and mistimes the pull to square leg

Over 2.5 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Faf du Plessis, out Caught by Jordan!! du Plessis who was looking to free his arms. But Theekshana cramped him on the shot and it's a mishit straight down long-on's throat.

Over 2.6 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Virat Kohli, no run, gets forward and flicks towards square leg

Over 4.1 Mukesh Choudhary bowls a good length delivery to Virat Kohli, out Caught by Shivam Dube!! The ball bounced extra than Kohli expected and the pull shot it taken high on the bat. Deep backward square leg waits and swallows the ball.

Over 4.2 Mukesh Choudhary bowls a good length delivery to GJ Maxwell,1 run, opens the bat face and guides to third man

Over 4.3 Mukesh Choudhary bowls a good length delivery to Anuj Rawat, no run, gets forward and plays inside the line and misses, he was looking to guide it to third man

Over 12.1 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Suyash Prabhudessai, no run, comes on to the front foot and defends it back to the bowler.

Over 12.2 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Suyash Prabhudessai, out Bowled!! Prabhudessai shimmies down to swipe across the line. The ball goes on straight, beats the inside edge and crashes into the middle stump.

Over 12.3 Maheesh Theekshana bowls it flat in the air to Dinesh Karthik, Boundary!Gets down low and sweeps fiercely over short fine leg

Over 12.4 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Dinesh Karthik,1 run, gets forward and works it through square leg for a single.

Over 12.5 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Shahbaz Ahmed, no run, gets forward and pushed towards extra cover and there's a slight mix-up

Over 12.6 Maheesh Theekshana bowls a quicker arm ball to Shahbaz Ahmed,1 run, gets back in the crease and flicks it to backward square leg.

Over 14.1 Maheesh Theekshana slips in a full toss to Shahbaz Ahmed,1 run, nudged into the mid-wicket pocket off the back foot and Dhoni is swift to get to the ball

Over 14.2 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Dinesh Karthik,1 run, gets forward and swings hard and slices in the air. Mukesh got into a good position to catch, however, somehow he managed to make a mess of it.

Over 14.3 Maheesh Theekshana bowls a quicker arm ball to Shahbaz Ahmed,  out Bowled!! Shahbaz Ahmed stays on the back foot to push and is late to bring his bat down. The ball brushes his pads before deflecting onto the sticks.

Over 14.4 Maheesh Theekshana bowls a quicker arm ball to Wanindu Hasaranga,1 run, gets forward and punched towards cover point

Over 14.5 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Dinesh Karthik, Six! Gets down low, fetches this fullish ball from outside off and middles the slog-sweep to send it over deep backward square leg

Over 14.6 Maheesh Theekshana tossed up delivery to Dinesh Karthik, no run, gets forward and nudged to the bowler's right.