Namibia vs Pakistan 31st Match at Abu Dhabi, 02 Nov, 2021

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat
Pakistan 189/2 (20)
Namibia 144/5 (20)
Pakistan won by 45 runs
Man of the Match: Mohammad Rizwan

    Over 8.1 Mohammad Hafeez tossed up delivery to Stephan Baard ,3 runs, gets forward and plays the reversing fine of third man, Shaheen gives chase and puts in a last-minute dive to prevent the boundary

    Over 8.2 Mohammad Hafeez tossed up delivery to Craig Williams, Six! Came down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball, and tonked that for a mighty maximum over mid-wicket

    Over 8.3 Mohammad Hafeez bowls it short of length to Craig Williams, no run,   makes room and fails to get bat on the punch

    Over 8.4 Mohammad Hafeez tossed up delivery to Craig Williams, out Baard Run Out!! 1 run completed

    Over 8.5 Mohammad Hafeez bowls a quicker arm ball to Gerhard Erasmus,1 run, gets forward and pushes it to backward point and picks up a single.

    Over 8.6 Mohammad Hafeez bowls a quicker arm ball to Craig Williams, no run, presses forward and defends it back to the bowler.