Namibia vs Pakistan 31st Match at Abu Dhabi, 02 Nov, 2021

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat
Pakistan 189/2 (20)
Namibia 144/5 (20)
Pakistan won by 45 runs
Man of the Match: Mohammad Rizwan

    Over 8.5 Mohammad Hafeez bowls a quicker arm ball to Gerhard Erasmus,1 run, gets forward and pushes it to backward point and picks up a single.

    Over 9.1 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Gerhard Erasmus,1 run, gets forward and slogs it to the right of deep mid-wicket

    Over 9.3 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Gerhard Erasmus, 2 runs,  comes down the track and thumps the full delivery straight back over the bowler's head, long-off 

    Over 9.4 Shadab Khan bowls a quicker arm ball to Gerhard Erasmus, no run, opens the bat face and dabs to backward point

    Over 9.5 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Gerhard Erasmus, Six!  Gets under the ball and straight down the ground is the best place to hit on this ground

    Over 9.6 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Gerhard Erasmus, Boundary! Sits on one knee and slog-swipes Shadab Khan over mid-wicket for a one-bounce boundary

    Over 11.2 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Gerhard Erasmus, no run, Went back to cut a quicker one from Shadab, bounced a bit too and he was beaten

    Over 11.3 Shadab Khan bowls it flat in the air to Gerhard Erasmus, no run, gets beaten on the cut again

    Over 11.4 Shadab Khan bowls it flat in the air to Gerhard Erasmus,1 run, gets forward and  tries to go across the line to a wide leg break, big top edge and Shaheen put down a reasonably simple running catch at long-on but he drops it.

    Over 11.6 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Craig Williams,1 run, gets forward and looks for the inside out, slices it a bit but it lands well wide of sweeper cover