Chennai XI vs Kolkata XI 15th Match at Mumbai, 21 Apr, 2021

Toss: Kolkata, who chose to bowl
Chennai XI 220/3 (20)
Kolkata XI 202/10 (19.1)
Chennai won by 18 runs
Man of the Match: Faf du Plessis

    Over 0.5 Deepak Chahar bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to Rahul Tripathi, no run, gets forward and jammed back at the bowler

    Over 0.6 Deepak Chahar bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to Rahul Tripathi, Boundary! Comes down the track and in the process moves leg-side which allows him to free his arms.

    Over 2.1 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Rahul Tripathi,1 run, goes on to the back foot and defends it to backward square leg.

    Over 2.3 Deepak Chahar bowls it short of length to Rahul Tripathi,1 run, gets on top of the bounce and punched to deep backward point

    Over 2.5 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Nitish Rana, out Caught by Dhoni!!

    Over 2.6: No runs. Deepak Chahar to Rahul Tripathi,

    Over 3.6: Single. Lungi Ngidi to Rahul Tripathi,

    Over 4.1 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Rahul Tripathi,1 run, gets forward and opens his bat-face to guide it behind square on the off-side

    Over 4.3 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Dhoni!! Morgan goes hard on the drive away from his body. No feet movement either from the and he's nicked it off to his counterpart.

    Over 4.4 Deepak Chahar bangs it short onto the pitch to Sunil Narine, no run, stays deep inside the crease and sways away from the bouncer.

    Over 4.6 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Sunil Narine, out Caught by Jadeja!! Narine moved leg-side to slap it through the off-side. hoped for it to go to the fence when he made contact, but Jadeja  flew to his right at the cover to pull off an excellent catch

    Over 5.1 Lungi Ngidi bowls a good length delivery to Sunil Narine, no run, comes on to the front foot and punches it straight to the man at cover.