Australia vs India at Adelaide, 25 Dec, 2020

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 195/10 (72.3)  &  200/10 (103.1)
India 325/9 (115)  &  70/2 (15.5)
India won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: Ajinkya Rahane
  • Ajinkya Rahane 27 * (38)
  • Shubman Gill 35 * (36)

Over 14.1 Marnus Labuschagne tossed up delivery to Ajinkya Rahane,1 run, gets forward and sweeps it through square leg and picks up a single.

Over 14.2 Marnus Labuschagne tossed up delivery to Shubman Gill, Boundary! Gets reaches out and thumps this wide of mid-on for four.

Over 14.3 Marnus Labuschagne bowls it flat in the air to Shubman Gill,1 run, rock back in the crease and cuts it through point and picks up a single.

Over 14.4 Marnus Labuschagne bowls a quicker arm ball to Ajinkya Rahane, no run, pushed off the back foot towards point.

Over 14.5 Marnus Labuschagne tossed up delivery to Ajinkya Rahane, no run, goes down on his knee and swept it straight to the man at short fine leg.

Over 14.6 Marnus Labuschagne tossed up delivery to Ajinkya Rahane,3 runs, leans forward and plays it through the gap at cover and picks up three runs.