Hyderabad XI vs Punjab XI 22nd Match at Dubai, 08 Oct, 2020

Toss: Hyderabad, who chose to bat
Hyderabad XI 201/6 (20)
Punjab XI 132/10 (16.5)
Hyderabad won by 69 runs
Man of the Match: Jonny Bairstow
  • R Bishnoi 6 * (7)

Over 7.1 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Jonny Bairstow, no run, pushes forward and blocks it down the pitch back to the bowler.

Over 7.2 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Jonny Bairstow,1 run, get under it properly, squeezed through mid-wicket for a single.

Over 7.3 R Bishnoi bowls it short of length to David Warner,1 run, goes on to the back foot and cuts it towards short third man.

Over 7.4 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Jonny Bairstow, Six! Came down the track well, gets to the pitch of this, and lofts dead straight down the ground for a maximum.

Over 7.5 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Jonny Bairstow, Boundary! Gets reaches out for it and through the covers. No chance for sweeper cover.

Over 7.6 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Jonny Bairstow, Six! Sitting deep for that already, clobbers the pull over deep square leg for a maximum.

Over 15.1 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to David Warner, out Caught by Maxwell!! Warner takes on the googly and skies the slog sweep straight up, Maxwell settles under near long-on and takes it comfortably.

Over 15.2 R Bishnoi bowls a quicker arm ball to Jonny Bairstow, no run, gets back in the crease and chops it to cover point.

Over 15.3 R Bishnoi bowls it short of length to Jonny Bairstow, no run, rock back in the crease and chopped to backward point 

Over 15.4 R Bishnoi bowls a quicker arm ball to Jonny Bairstow, out Lbw!! Bairstow misses the nudge to the on-side, struck on the back pad in front of leg-stump.

Over 15.5 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey,1 run, comes on to the front foot and pushes it down to the long-off for a single.

Over 15.6 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad, no run, stays on the front foot and happy to defend back to the bowler.

Over 17.1 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad, Boundary! Comes on to the front foot and lofts it down to the long-off fence for four.

Over 17.2 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad,1 run, gets forward and pushes it to mid-on and picks up a quick single.

Over 17.3 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad,1 run, gets forward and nudges it to deep mid-wicket and picks up a single.

Over 17.4 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad, 2 runs, came down the track and chipped between deep mid-wicket and long-on and the pair scamper back for the second.

Over 17.5 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad, out Caught by Arshdeep Singh!! Samad rocks back in the crease and pulls it straight to Arshdeep at deep backward square leg and he makes no mistake.

Over 17.6 R Bishnoi tossed up delivery to Kane Williamson, 2 runs, gets back in the crease and punches it past the man at extra cover and picks up a couple of runs.