Rajasthan XI vs Punjab XI 32nd Match at Mohali, 16 Apr, 2019

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bowl
Punjab XI 182/6 (20)
Rajasthan XI 170/7 (20)
Punjab won by 12 runs
Man of the Match: Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Jaydev Unadkat 0 * (0)
  • STR Binny 33 * (11)

Over 2.5 Dhawal Kulkarni bowls a good length delivery to CH Gayle, Boundary! Gets forward and went for a drive away from the body, the ball takes the outside edge past the man at slip and raced away to the fence for four.

Over 4.4 Dhawal Kulkarni bowls it short of length to CH Gayle, Boundary! Made room to spank it in the pocket between short third man and backward point and gets a boundary.

Over 7.3 Shreyas Gopal bowls it short of length to Mayank Agarwal, Boundary! Rocks back in the crease and hammers it through mid-wicket. Stuart Binny from the deep sprints across and dives, but ends up parrying it to the boundary.

Over 11.2 Jaydev Unadkat bowls a good length delivery to Lokesh Rahul, Boundary! Makes room for himself, shimmies down the wicket and lifts the shortish delivery over mid-off. The ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 12.2 Shreyas Gopal tossed up delivery to David Miller, Boundary! Goes down on his knee and finds the fence with a nicely timed sweep shot, first one of the innings for him.

Over 14.1 Jaydev Unadkat bowls a pitched up delivery to Lokesh Rahul, Six!! Goes well across the stumps and scoops it over fine leg and the ball went over the ropes for a maximum.

Over 16.3 Jofra Archer bowls a good length delivery to Lokesh Rahul, Boundary! Came down the track and smashes it through extra cover and the ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 17.6 Jaydev Unadkat bowls a pitched up delivery to David Miller, Boundary! Backs away in the crease and smashes it down to the deep extra cover fence for four.

Over 19.2 Dhawal Kulkarni bowls a good length delivery to Ravichandran Ashwin, Boundary! Backs away in the crease and slices it over backward point and the ball raced away to the fence for four.