Chennai XI vs Punjab XI 18th Match at Chennai, 06 Apr, 2019

Toss: Chennai, who chose to bat
Chennai XI 160/3 (20)
Punjab XI 138/5 (20)
Chennai won by 22 runs
Man of the Match: Harbhajan Singh
  • Sam Curran 0 * (1)
  • Mandeep Singh 1 * (1)

Over 7.2 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to SR Watson, out Caught by Sam Curran!! Watson commitment, ending up in the slog sweep leading to a big top-edge, which Curran - a cool few yards inside the boundary.

Over 13.3 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to Faf du Plessis, out Caught by Miller!!  Faf clearing that front leg and kept the carrom ball close to him, the South African could not get underneath it and hence the mistime, Miller claims it comfortably near the long-on fence.

Over 13.4 Ravichandran Ashwin bowls a quicker arm ball to Suresh Raina, out Bowled!!