New Zealand vs India 3rd ODI at Mount Maunganui, 28 Jan, 2019

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bat
New Zealand 243/10 (49)
India 245/3 (43.0)
India won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Mohammed Shami
  • Dinesh Karthik 38 * (38)
  • AT Rayudu 40 * (42)

Over 1.6  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Colin Munro,  out Caught by Rohit!! Munro's adrenaline rush gets the better of him; hard hands, no feet and thick outside edge carries to Rohit - who collects it in front of his chest.

Over 6.1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a back of length delivery to Martin Guptill, out Caught by Karthik!! Lures the batsman into a drive-by keeping it full in the channel just outside off. Guptill aims for the airy-fairy drive, only manages to feed an outside edge to the keeper.

Over 16.2 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to KS Williamson, out Caught by Hardik Pandya!! Came down the track, didn't get close to the ball and as such couldn't keep his flick down - in the air and to the left of mid-wicket where Hardik brought up a stunning two-handed catch, diving across.

Over 37.3 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to Tom Latham, out Caught by Rayudu!! Latham came down the wicket and does not quite get close to the pitch of the flighted delivery, but still hits it with the wind to deep mid-wicket. The ball came off the base of the bat and Rayudu takes a simple catch in the deep.

Over 39.3 Hardik Pandya bowls a good length delivery to Henry Nicholls, out Caught by Karthik!!

Over 41.3 Hardik Pandya bowls a good length delivery to Mitchell Santner, out Caught by Karthik!! Santner goes back but doesn't really show the urgency to move his feet and ends up slashing as hard. A thick edge and a dolly of a catch for DK behind the stumps.

Over 45.1  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to LRPL Taylor, out Caught by Dinesh Karthik! Taylor stays inside the crease and tries to run it down to the third man, the ball takes the outside edge and simple catch to Dinesh Karthik behind the stumps.

Over 47.6  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Ish Sodhi, out Caught by Kohli!!

Over 48.1  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Trent Boult, out Doug Bracewell Run Out!! Doug Bracewell was backing up too far and thought there was a single in there. Wasn't to be. Kohli collects it clean, runs towards the stumps and flicks the bails.

Over 48.6  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to Trent Boult, out Caught by Shami!!