South Africa vs Australia 3rd Test at Cape Town, 22 Mar, 2018

Toss: South Africa, who chose to bat
South Africa 311/10 (97.5)  &  373/10 (112.2)
Australia 255/10 (69.5)  &  107/10 (39.4)
South Africa won by 322 runs
Man of the Match: Morne Morkel
  • Tim Paine 9 * (27)

Over 20.1Keshav Maharaj bowls flighted delivery to DA Warner, the batsman is short of his crease at the batting end and is Run Out! .Runout at the non-striker end

Over 23.1 Kagiso Rabada bowls a half volley to DA Warner, out Caught by de Villiers!! Back of a length delivery angling away, maybe just left him a touch, Warner was trying to cut, but played so late, ended up guiding it towards the cordon and AB was sharp enough at gully to pouch it with both hands.

Over 24.1 Keshav Maharaj to Usman Khawaja,  out Caught by de Villiers!! Nothing but a flighted delivery outside off stump, didn't spin alarmingly, Khawaja was on the front foot to defend, but got a thick edge and AB was low at first slip to take an easy catch.

Over 24.2 Keshav Maharaj bowls a tossed up delivery to Shaun Marsh, out Caught by Markram!!  Pitched in the rough, spun sharply and bounced extra, took the glove and Markram took a brilliant catch diving to his right at short leg

Over 29.3 Morne Morkel good length delivery to SPD Smith, out Caught by Elgar!!  Back of a length, hit the pitch hard, got the lift, Smith was on the back foot to force it through the off-side, got a thick edge and it flew straight to Elgar at gully.

Over 33.1 Morne Morkel good length delivery to Mitchell Marsh, out Caught by de Villiers!! Mitchell Marsh plays a wafty pull at a short and wide ball sans much conviction and he runs it off the thick toe-end towards gully.The ball looped up and was dipping in front of AB who dives forward  and takes it.

Over 33.2 Morne Morkel good length delivery to Pat Cummins, out Caught by Elgar!! Another zoomer in after the side-on replays and it seems to have glanced tiny bit of glove en route to the fielder. 

Over 35.6 Morne Morkel good length delivery to Mitchell Starc, out Caught by Markram!!  Starc stands cemented to his crease and shields his head with a dead-straight willow. It thuds the splice of the bat and pops up a straightforward catch for Markram at FSL

Over 36.5 Keshav Maharaj bowls a tossed up delivery to Tim Paine, out Lyon Run Out!!  Pushed to cover and they run off in desperation, Lyon was slow to start and he had to put in a headfirst dive.The throw was flat and accurate at the stumps. QDK did the rest.