Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI at Abu Dhabi, 16 Oct, 2017

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat first
Pakistan 219/9 (50)
Sri Lanka 187/10 (48)
Pakistan won by 32 runs
Man of the Match: Shadab Khan
  • WU Tharanga 112 * (144)

Over 3.3 Lahiru Gamage bowls a good length delivery to Fakhar Zaman, out Caught by Kusal Mendis!!

Over 6.3 RAS Lakmal bowls a good length delivery to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by Siriwardana!! Shehzad decides to go airy with a drive. Gets the width too. Chases it on the up, opening up the bat face and merely guiding it to a well-placed shortish backward point

Over 9.6 Lahiru Gamage bowls a good length delivery to Mohammad Hafeez, out Caught by Dickwella! Hafeez, done in, flirts away from his body, only to end up merely guiding the nick through the keeper

Over 17.1 NLTC Perera bowls a good length delivery to Shoaib Malik,  out Caught by Dickwella!! Malik wanted to run it down to third man, all he could manage was a fine tickle on the way to Dickwella. Bit too close to the body for him to be attempting that shot.

Over 19.6 NLTC Perera bowls a slower one to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Bowled! Sarfraz with his attacking mindset obliges and goes for it with the bat well away from his body, the inside edge crashes into the stumps. 

Over 27.3 Jeffrey Vandersay bowls a quicker arm ball to Imad Wasim, out LBW! The conventional leg-break that pitches outside off and turns in, Imad plays outside the line and is rapped on the pads.

Over 49.1 Lahiru Gamage bowls a good length delivery to Babar Azam, out Caught by Kusal Mendis!

Over 49.4 Lahiru Gamage bowls a good length delivery to Hasan Ali, out Hasan Ali Run Out!! 1 run completed.Hasan Ali hit it in the gap between long-on and deep mid-wicket. The latter came charging in and rifled a pinpoint accurate throw to catch the batsman short.

Over 49.5 Lahiru Gamage bowls a good length delivery to Rumman Raees, out Caught by Dananjaya!!