Kolkata XI vs Mumbai XI 54th Match at Kolkata, 13 May, 2017

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders, who chose to bowl
Mumbai XI 173/5 (20)
Kolkata XI 164/8 (20)
Mumbai Indians won by 9 runs
Man of the Match: AT Rayudu
  • Trent Boult 5 * (8)
  • Umesh Yadav 4 * (4)

Over 2.2 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to LMP Simmons, out Caught by Narine!!  Simmons was looking to go over the top, doesn't get anywhere near the middle of the bat and it's a simple grab to Narine at mid-off.

Over 8.2 Ankit Rajpoot  to Rohit Sharma, out Lbw!! A sharp in-cutter from Rajpoot, at nippy pace as well. Jags back in from a length to just about go past the bat searching for the defence and take the front pad.

Over 15.6Umesh Yadav bowls good length delivery to AT Rayudu, the batsman is short of his crease at the non-striker’s end and is Run Out! .Runout at the non-striker end

Over 18.5 Kuldeep Yadav bowls a tossed up delivery to AT Rayudu, out Stumped!!  Very wide and wrong un as well. Rayudu cannot connect - despite his best attempts to stretch out - and Robbie does the rest.

Over 19.4Trent Boult to KA Pollard He is Caught ...