Gujarat Lions vs Delhi XI 50th Match at Kanpur, 10 May, 2017

Toss: Delhi Daredevils, who chose to bowl
Gujarat Lions 195/5 (20)
Delhi XI 197/8 (19.4)
Delhi Daredevils won by 2 wickets
Man of the Match: Shreyas Iyer
  • Amit Mishra 8 * (2)
  • Mohammed Shami 4 * (2)

Over 3.1  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to DR Smith, out Dwayne Smith Run Out!! Got hurried on the short ball and mistimed the pull to short fine leg. Ishan Kishan wanted the single and set off. Dwayne Smith reacted late and despite Shami not being in good position to collect the throw and whip the bails.

Over 5.5 Patrick Cummins bowls a good length delivery to SK Raina, out Bowled! Raina stays on the front foot and looks to play inside the ball but misses and the ball sneak through the gate and hit the timber.

Over 6.3 Amit Mishra bowls a quicker arm ball to Ishan Kishan, out Caught by Zaheer Khan! Kishan goes for a sweep and top edges to Zaheer at short fine leg.

Over 16.1 CR Brathwaite to Dinesh Karthik, out Caught by Corey Anderson!! Full and on the stumps, bit too full for Karthik to get underneath that, but he still goes through with it and spoons it towards long-on. 

Over 18.3  Mohammed Shami bowls a good length delivery to AJ Finch, out Bowled!! Finch not given himself room, he would have been in a position to put it away, not to be and the ball crashed into the stumps .