Rising Pune Supergiants vs Kolkata XI 30th Match at Pune, 26 Apr, 2017

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders, who chose to bowl
Rising Pune Supergiants 182/5 (20)
Kolkata XI 184/3 (18.1)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: G Gambhir
  • Manish Pandey 0 * (0)
  • Darren Bravo 6 * (5)

Over 4.3Chris Woakes to Ajinkya Rahane Sixer! ...

Over 14.4 PP Chawla bowls a tossed up delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Gets right under the ball after dancing down, smokes it straight back over Chawla for a maximum

Over 15.5Kuldeep Yadav bowls flighted delivery to MS Dhoni, pulls it away through mid wicketSixer!

Over 18.5 Chris Woakes bowls a pitched up delivery to DT Christian, Six!! Gets forward and  lined up for the loft over extra cover and nailed it to perfection. All the way.

Over 18.6 Chris Woakes bowls a good length delivery to DT Christian, Six!! Comes down the track and heaves it over long on and the ball went all the way in to the stands.

Over 19.1Umesh Yadav to SPD Smith Sixer! ...