Sri Lanka vs Australia 1st Test at Pallekele, 26 Jul, 2016

Toss: Sri Lanka, chose to bat first
Sri Lanka 117/10 (34.2)  &  353/10 (93.4)
Australia 203/10 (79.2)  &  161/10 (88.3)
Sri Lanka won by 106 runs
Man of the Match: Kusal Mendis
  • Josh Hazlewood 0 * (7)
  • Peter Nevill 9 * (115)

Over 2.2NuwanPradeep bowls good length delivery to DA Warner, and that’s the end of his stay in the middle, clean bowled! .Bowled him!

Over 3.6HMRKB Herath bowls quicker and flatter in the air to Joe Burns, and that’s the end of his stay in the middle, clean bowled! .Bowled him!

Over 21.2 HMRKB Herath bowls a tossed up delivery to SPD Smith,  out Stumped!Smith came down the track and went through the shot, the ball beats the outside edge of the bat and Chandimal clips the bails in a flash.

Over 45.4 Lakshan Sandakan bowls it flat in the air to MR Marsh, out Bowled!!  Marsh played down the wrong line, was playing for the turn back into him, the ball spins away to hit the off-stump.

Over 48.3 HMRKB Herath to Peter Nevill, out Caught by K Perera!!  Floated up on off, Nevill clears his front leg to go over mid-on, the bat face closes and he gets it off the bottom of the bat and simple catch to Kushal Perera.

Over 62.1Nuwan Pradeep bowls good length delivery to AC Voges, gets an outside edge and is caught in the slips.He is Caught

Over 69.5 Lakshan Sandakan bowls a tossed up delivery to Mitchell Starc, out Caught by K Perera!! Starc chasing after a tossed up delivery which turned a touch, no feet movement at all, the ball catches the faintest of nicks and carries nicely to the keeper who collects a good take moving to his left

Over 73.6 Lakshan Sandakan bowls a tossed up delivery to SJN O'Keefe,  out Caught by Kusal Mendis!! O'Keefe was on the back foot, the ball bounces extra and catches the inside edge, lobs up to FSL where Kusal Mendis snaffles an easy catch

Over 79.2 Lakshan Sandakan bowls a quicker arm ball to Nathan Lyon, out LBW! Lyon bends down on the front foot and went for a sweep but he misses and the ball rapped on the pads, Umpire raises the finger immediately.Nathan Lyon went for a review but no use.