Sri Lanka vs Australia 1st Test at Pallekele, 26 Jul, 2016

Toss: Sri Lanka, chose to bat first
Sri Lanka 117/10 (34.2)  &  353/10 (93.4)
Australia 203/10 (79.2)  &  161/10 (88.3)
Sri Lanka won by 106 runs
Man of the Match: Kusal Mendis
  • Josh Hazlewood 0 * (7)
  • Peter Nevill 9 * (115)

Over 4.1 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to Dimuth Karunaratne, out LBW! Sri Lanka lose their 1st wicket.

Over 5.3 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Kusal Mendis, out LBW! Sri Lanka lose their second wicket very eary in the innings.ANother Sri Lankan walk back to the pevillion.Kusal Mendis stays on the back foot and looks to play across the line but he misses and the ball rapped on the pads right infront of middle.Umpire raises the finger veryy quickly.

Over 9.1 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Kaushal Silva, out Caught by Voges! Silva has a flirty poke at it, doesn't cover for the movement, gets a thickish outside edge which flies towards first slip, Voges dives forward and takes a good catch.

Over 14.2 SJN O'Keefe bowls a tossed up delivery to AD Mathews, out Caught by Smith!! Sri Lanka in deep trouble now. Mathews drawing  forward, only to take his glove and pop up to the Aussie captain at first slip for a nice low catch.

Over 25.6 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to LD Chandimal, out Caught by Nevil!! Chandimal forward into the drive, who obliges but the ball nips away just enough to kiss the edge and carry very low to Nevill, who dives to his right to collect.

Over 28.2 Nathan Lyon bowls a tossed up delivery to Dhananjaya de Silva, out Caught by Burns!

Over 28.4 Nathan Lyon bowls a quicker arm ball to Dilruwan Perera, out LBW! Perera was rooted to the crease instead of coming forward, struck in line with middle, Umpire raises the fingger. The ball would have gone onto hit leg-stump.

Over 30.2 Nathan Lyon to MDKJ Perera, out Bowled!! Lyon bowls a straighter one that drifts in, Perera thinks that it is the conventional off-break and shoulders arms, the ball rattles the off-pole.

Over 31.6 Mitchell Starc bowls a back of length delivery to HMRKB Herath, out LBW!

Over 34.1 SJN O'Keefe bowls a tossed up delivery to Nuwan Pradeep, out Caught by Smith!! Its all over, Sri Lanka all-out just 117 runs. Pradeep went for a big shot, the ball takes the thick outside edge and easy catch to Smith