Zimbabwe vs Pakistan 2nd ODI at Harare, 03 Oct, 2015

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bowl
Zimbabwe 276/6 (50)
Pakistan 256/8 (48)
Zimbabwe won by 5 runs (D/L method)
Man of the Match: CJ Chibhabha
  • Yasir Shah 32 * (22)
  • Shoaib Malik 96 * (106)

Over 0.5T Panyangara to BilalAsifHe is Caught ...

Over 2.4T Panyangara to Azhar Ali Bowled him! ...

Over 5.3 Luke Jongwe bowls a good length delivery to Asad Shafiq, out Caught by Mutumbami!! Shafiq is on his knees as he slashes at it hard, the ball flies off the outside edge and keeper completes a simple catch behind.

Over 13.6 CJ Chibhaba bowls a pitched up delivery to Mohammad Hafeez,  out Hafeez Run Out!! Hafeez goes on the back foot and tucks it to the right of mid-wicket, the fielder dives and saves, Hafeez rushes for a single, his partner responds and then turns his back, Hafeez was halfway down the pitch and had no chance of getting back in time.

Over 17.5 CJ Chibhaba bowls a good length delivery to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Caught by Sean Williams!!

Over 21.2AG Cremer to Mohammad RizwanHe is Caught ...

Over 39.5 E Chigumbura bowls a good length delivery to Aamer Yamin, out Caught by Mutumbami!! 

Over 41.5E Chigumbura to WahabRiazRunout at the striker end ...