England vs Australia 3rd ODI at Manchester, 08 Sep, 2015

Toss: England, who chose to bat first
England 300/8 (50)
Australia 207/10 (44)
England won by 93 runs
Man of the Match: James Taylor
  • James Pattinson 2 * (8)

Over 6.1ST Finn to Joe Burns He is Caught ...

Over 15.5 Adil Rashid bowls it flat in the air to SPD Smith, out Caught by Finn!! Smith takes a step forward and flicks, for a moment it looked as if he placed it well wide of the fielder at short mid-wicket. He stretches his right hand out and grabs it.

Over 21.4 Adil Rashid bowls a quicker arm ball to AJ Finch, out Caught by Woakes!! Finch clears his front leg and looks to go over the bowler, he miscues it towards long-on, Woakes settles under and reverse cups it comfortably.

Over 26.3Moeen Ali to GJ Maxwell He is Caught ...

Over 28.5Moeen Ali to GJ Bailey He is Caught ...

Over 33.6LE Plunkett to MR Marsh He is Caught ...

Over 37.6 LE Plunkett bowls a pitched up delivery to Ashton Agar, out Caught by Jason Roy!! Agar gives the charge this time around, Plunkett follows him as he looks to slog it away, the ball goes high in the air. Roy from long-on runs forward to his left and takes it.

Over 38.5 Moeen Ali bowls a tossed up delivery to Mitchell Starc,  out Caught by Bairstow!! Starc once again goes hard at the ball, the ball takes a faint outside edge and Bairstow did well to take it to his left.

Over 39.4 LE Plunkett bowls a good length delivery to Patrick Cummins, out Caught by Jason Roy!! Cummins lofts it through the line but doesn't quite get it off the meat of the bat, Roy at long-on takes the simplest of catches.

Over 43.6 ST Finn bowls a good length delivery to MS Wade, out Bowled!!.Wade comes charging down the track and swings hard once again, but this time he didn't get any part of the bat on it and the ball hits the stumps.