England vs Australia 4th Test at Nottingham, 06 Aug, 2015

Toss: England, who chose to bowl first
Australia 60/10 (18.3)  &  253/10 (72.4)
England 391/9 (85.2)
England won by an innings and 78 runs
Man of the Match: SCJ Broad
  • AC Voges 51 * (118)

Over 0.3 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to CJL Rogers, out Caught by Cook! 300th Test wicket  for Broad.

Over 0.6 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to SPD Smith, out Caught by Root!

Over 1.2 Mark Wood bowls a good length delivery to DA Warner, out Caught by Buttler!

Over 2.4 SCJ Broad bowls a short and rising delivery to SE Marsh, out Caught by Bell!  Marsh went with hard hands at that and the edge carried to Bell at 2nd slip, he pouched it above his head with two hands.

Over 4.1 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to AC Voges, out Caught by Stokes!! Loose drive from Voges, the thick outside edge was going fast and behind fifth slip but Stokes went full-length to his right and stuck out his right hand.

Over 6.1 SCJ Broad bowls a pitched up delivery to MJ Clarke, out Caught by Cook!! Clarke went for a big drive and got an edge, good catch by Cook as he leapt and took it with both hands.

Over 9.2 ST Finn bowls a pitched up delivery to Peter Nevill, out Bowled!

Over 12.4 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to Mitchell Starc,  out Caught by Root!!  Starc pushes well away from the body and gets a thick edge on the drive, carries to Root at third slip around stomach height.

Over 12.6 SCJ Broad to MG Johnson, out Caught by Root!! Another. Back of a length outside off, seamed away, Johnson followed it and it the bat splice before safely landing in Root's hands at third slip.

Over 18.3 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to Nathan Lyon,  out Caught by Stokes!!