Mumbai XI vs Rajasthan XI 32nd T20 at Mumbai, 01 May, 2015

Toss: Rajasthan Royals, who chose to bowl first
Mumbai XI 187/5 (20)
Rajasthan XI 179/7 (20)
Mumbai Indians won by 8 runs
Man of the Match: AT Rayudu
  • J Theron 1 * (1)
  • STR Binny 9 * (6)

Over 18.2 SL Malinga bowls a good length delivery to STR Binny, 1 run, gets forward and pushes it to extra-cover.

Over 18.4 SL Malinga bowls a pitched up delivery to STR Binny, 1 run, stays leg-side of the ball and slices it square of the wicket on the off-side, all along the ground.

Over 19.2 R Vinay Kumar bowls a pitched up delivery to STR Binny, 1 run, gets across the line and clips it down to fine-leg.

Over 19.4 R Vinay Kumar bowls a good length delivery to STR Binny, Boundary! Gets forward and heaves it to deep mid-wicket, splits the fielders in the deep to perfection. Vinay missed out on the yorker there

Over 19.5 R Vinay Kumar to STR Binny,  no ballout Southee Run Out!! 1 run completed. Binny swings hard and holes out to long-on. Pollard didn't hear the no-ball, he was late to throw the ball to Vinay, Southee tried to sneak in a second and hand the strike back to Binny, in the process he perishes. Even a dive from the Kiwi fast bowler could not save him. Southee run out (Pollard/Vinay) 6(5)