Delhi XI vs Mumbai XI 21st T20 at Delhi, 23 Apr, 2015

Toss: Mumbai Indians, who chose to bowl first
Delhi XI 190/4 (20)
Mumbai XI 153/9 (20)
Delhi Daredevils won by 37 runs
Man of the Match: Shreyas Iyer
  • Jasprit Bumrah 0 * (0)
  • Lasith Malinga 6 * (10)

Over 4.2 Domnic Joseph  to LMP Simmons, out Caught by Duminy!!   Big blow for Mumbai Indians. Full and in the slot, Simmons would have normally muscled that out of the ground. He went for the loft over mid-on but he hit it straight up in the air, Duminy ran to his right from mid-on and takes a superb catch. Simmons c Duminy b Joseph 15(14) 

Over 5.6 AD Mathews  to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by Tahir!!  Slower ball on a short of a length, Patel goes for the pull, gets a lot of height but not the distance. Imran Tahir runs to his right from deep square leg, again it looked like he lost it for a while, but he dived to his right and took it with both hands. Parthiv Patel c Tahir b Mathews 28(19) 

Over 8.2 A Mishra to Unmukt Chand,  out Stumped!!  Chand was bound to come down the track to go for a big hit. Mishra bowled this slower through the air, Chand missed it completely and the keeper made no mistake.. Unmukt Chand st K Jadhav b Mishra 14(11)

Over 10.2 A Mishra to KA Pollard,  out Caught by S Nadeem!!  It was flatter and outside off, Pollard went for the loft, but ends up slicing it high in the air as the ball turned away. Nadeem from extra cover runs to his left and takes a well judged catch. Pollard c S Nadeem b Mishra 10(8)

Over 15.6 Nathan Coulter-Nile to RG Sharma,  out Caught by S Nadeem!! It was a short delivery from Coulter-Nile, Rohit was cramped for the room there as he went for the pull, he get a top-edge that goes high in the air and  Nadeem manages to take it easily in the end. Rohit c S Nadeem b Coulter-Nile 30(24) 

Over 16.1 Imran Tahir to Hardik Pandya, out Caught by Coulter-Nile!!  It was tossed up on the stumps, Pandya wanted to go downtown with the loft, but fails to get under it properly. Coulter-Nile from long-off runs in to his right and dives to take another good catch. Pandya c Coulter-Nile b Tahir 0(1)

Over 16.3 Imran Tahir to AT Rayudu, out Caught by Coulter-Nile!!  It was floated slightly wide outside off, Rayudu chases it as he goes for the loft, hits it straight down the throat of long-off, who take that very simple. Rayudu c Coulter-Nile b Tahir 30(22)

Over 16.4 Imran Tahir to MJ McClenaghan, out Caught by K Jadhav!! McClenaghan goes for the reverse sweep off this flighted delivery around off, he gets an under-edge, the ball goes off the glove on the pad and lobs up, then catches the back of the bat. The keeper takes the simplest of catches. McClenaghan c K Jadhav b Tahir 0(1)

Over 19.4 AD Mathews  to Harbhajan Singh, out Caught by (sub)Jayant Yadav!! It was banged in halfway down the wicket, Harbhajan went for the pull but the ball hurried onto him. He got it high on the bat and Jayant from deep mid-wicket runs forward, dives and takes a superb catch.  Harbhajan c (sub)Jayant Yadav b Mathews 9(10)