Punjab XI vs Rajasthan XI 18th T20 at Ahmedabad, 21 Apr, 2015

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to bield first
Rajasthan XI 191/6 (20)
Punjab XI 191/6 (20)
Match tied (Kings XI Punjab won the one-over eliminator)
Man of the Match: Shaun Marsh
  • Axar Patel 12 * (7)
  • MG Johnson 13 * (7)

Over 12.1 SR Watson bowls a good length delivery to SE Marsh, 1 run, gets forward and  tucks it away to mid-wicket and gets off strike.

Over 12.2 SR Watson bowls it short of length to DA Miller, 1 run, hangs back and cuts it straight to sweeper cover.

Over 12.3 SR Watson bowls it short of length to SE Marsh, 1 run, goes on to the back foot and works it to deep mid-wicket.

Over 12.4 SR Watson bowls a pitched up delivery to DA Miller, 2 runs, gets forward and works it down to long-on for a couple.

Over 12.5 SR Watson bowls a back of length delivery to DA Miller, 2 runs, makes room and steers it down to third-man.

Over 12.6 SR Watson bowls a pitched up delivery to DA Miller, Six!! Gets clears his front leg and hammers this fullish delivery over the cow corner fence for his first maximum.

Ball 6: Morris to Marsh, 1 leg bye, Run Out. It was a yorker right on the base of the stumps, Marsh misses it completely, is struck on the boot. the batsmen try to sneak in a second run, Samson ran forward and flicked the bails.

Ball 5: Morris to Marsh, fullish and bowled well wide of off, Marsh has a swing at that and fails to make the desired connection.

Ball 4: Morris to Marsh, Boundary! Low full toss around off, Marsh drills it straight down the ground, beating the long-on and long-off fielder and raced away to the boundary

Ball 3: Morris to Marsh, Boundary, shortish and on the stumps, Marsh swivels and pulls it behind square, the ball had enough to reach the fence

Ball 2:  Morris to to Maxwell, 1 run, full and outside off, Maxwell reaches out for it and slices it, the ball was in the air and landed at deep-cover

Ball 1: Morris to Miller, OUT LBW !! It was a full toss, Miller misses out on the heave, it was high and hit him just above the knee-roll, umpire Ravi took a hard look at it and raised his finger. 

Ball 2: Johnson to Smith, FOUR, no ball, It was a very high full toss well wide outside off, Smith goes after it, gets an outside edge that rolls way to the third man fence. 

Ball 1: Johnson to Watson, OUT, bowled!. It was the yorker on the off stump, bowled at 146kph. Watson made room to carve it over backward point, but fails to squeeze out the yorker. Off stump is pegged back.


Ball 3: Johnson to Faulkner, OUT, run out It was full and outside off, it was bowled slower as well, Faulkner goes for a big slog and misses.

Ball 2: Johnson to Smith, 1 run, full delivery just outside off, Smith drives it to mid-off and sets off, the fielder has a direct-hit at the non-striker's end, but Smith was well in

Match tied (Punjab won the one-over eliminator)

Shaun Marsh is the Man of the Match

Sehwag: It was a great game. The way they started, we thought that they will cross the 200-run mark. Our bowlers pulled things back towards the end. Marsh and Miller batted superbly, they took us towards that score. Johnson and Patel batted really well at the end and took it to the Super Over. Johnson bowled a Super Over. There was no other option, Maxwell, Miller and Marsh, we thought they are the ones that should go out and bat. It was exciting. If you want to stay in the hunt for the final four, we need to win more games. There are 2-3 days to go, he has a shoulder niggle and hopefully, he will be fine next game.

Watson: We didn't quite expect a loss, but it obviously got very tight towards the Super Over. We conceded a lot of runs towards the end of their innings. Marsh and Miller batted well in the end. We will take some learning from this loss, but they played really well. You hardly ever play the Super Over. So, you try to play the best you can at that time with whatever options you have. We were definitely going to lose a game at some point of this tournament. There are so many good teams here and we lost to one of them today.