Bangalore XI vs Hyderabad XI 8th T20 at Bangalore, 13 Apr, 2015

Toss: Sunrisers Hyderabad, who chose to bowl first
Bangalore XI 166/10 (19.5)
Hyderabad XI 172/2 (17.2)
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: David Warner
  • Lokesh Rahul 44 * (28)
  • Shikhar Dhawan 50 * (42)

Over 19.1 B Kumar bowls a pitched up delivery to VR Aaron, no runs, backs away and fails to make contact.

Over 19.2 B Kumar bowls a pitched up delivery to VR Aaron, Six!! Come down the track, waited for the ball and lofted it handsomely over long-off for maximum.

Over 19.3 B Kumar to VR Aaronout Bowled!!  Great yorker at the base of middle and off. Aaron takes a step towards the bowlers and tries to squeeze it out, but misses and the ball shatters the stumps. Aaron b Bhuvneshwar 6(3)