Australia vs Sri Lanka 32nd Match at Sydney , 08 Mar, 2015

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat first
Australia 376/9 (50)
Sri Lanka 312/9 (46.2)
Australia won by 64 runs
Man of the Match: GJ Maxwell
  • Lasith Malinga 0 * (2)

Over 1.4 MG Johnson to HDRL Thirimanne,  out Caught by Haddin!!  That was a nasty lifter, excellent bouncer from Johnson, very well directed as well. Thirimanne was hopping across, the ball followed him as he looked to arch back, doesn't get the gloves out of the way, the ball loops to the keeper. Thirimanne c Haddin b Johnson 1(5)

Over 21.3 James Faulkner to TM Dilshan, out Lbw!!  This was another slower ball, pitched on the leg-stump and straightened a tad, Dilshan went for a horrible swipe across the line, misses and is struck on the back leg, the impact was around middle and it was going on to crash into the middle stump. Dilshan lbw b Faulkner 62(60)

Over 30.6 MG Johnson to DPMD Jayawardene, out M Jayawardene Run Out!!  Full and outside off stump, Jayawardene pushes it straight to mid-off and takes off, Clarke quickly grabs the ball and fires a direct-hit and catches Jayawardene short despite a full length dive. M Jayawardene run out (Clarke) 19(22) 

Over 33.5 James Faulkner to KC Sangakkara, out Caught by Finch!!  It's a very tough call and a brave call by the third umpire. Slower delivery outside off stump, Sangakkara goes for the loft, but slices it, the man at deep cover rushes in and takes a good catch. End of a fantastic knock from Sanga! Sangakkara c Finch b Faulkner 104(107) 

Over 41.3 SR Watson to AD Mathews, out Caught by Haddin!!  This is a body blow for Sri Lanka. Good surprise short ball from Watson, Mathews tries to pull but gloves it to the keeper. Mathews c Haddin b Watson 35(31) 

Over 42.2 MG Johnson to NLTC Perera, out Caught by Doherty!!  Johnson bowls a short slower ball around the leg stump line, Perera tries to pull, but doesn't pick the change of pace, goes through with the shot and mistimes it completely. Long-on runs forward and holds onto a good catch. T Perera c Doherty b Johnson 8(3)

Over 44.3 Mitchell Starc to Seekkuge Prasanna, out Bowled!! This was coming. You have to get behind the line when Starc is swinging it away from you from round the wicket. Instead, Prasanna goes leg-side and exposes all the sticks. S Prasanna b Starc 9(11)

Over 45.2 Mitchell Starc to WU Tharanga, out Caught by Warner!!  Slower ball banged in short, Tharanga makes room and pulls, hits it well picks out deep mid-wicket to perfection. Warner just moved a few steps and took it easily. Tharanga c Warner b Faulkner 4(5)

Over 46.2 Mitchell Starc to Sachithra Senanayake,  out Caught by Doherty!!  Full and on the stumps, Senanayake falls over a bit as Starc follow him, ends up chipping it and it's a simple catch to the fielder at mid-off..Senanayake c Doherty b Starc 7(8)