Ireland vs UAE 16th Match at Brisbane, 25 Feb, 2015

Toss: Ireland, who chose to field
UAE 278/9 (50)
Ireland 279/8 (49.2)
Ireland won by 2 wickets
Man of the Match: GC Wilson
  • G Dockrell 7 * (5)
  • AR Cusack 5 * (6)

Over 11.3 PR Stirling to Andri Berenger, out Caught by Porterfield!!  It was the flatter delivery from Stirling, Berenger was looking to tuck it away into the on-side, but ends up chipping it straight to the Irish captain at short mid-wicket. Ireland get the first breakthrough.  Andri Berenger c Porterfield b Stirling 13(25)

Over 13.1 PR Stirling to Krishna Chandran, out Caught by K O'Brien!! It was floated up just outside off, Karate leans forward and looks to drive and gets an outside edge that gets deflected off the keeper's thigh and loops up for Kevin to put his hand up and try to catch it, luckily he takes the pace off and then finally takes it with both hands. Karate c K O'Brien b Stirling 0(4)

Over 18.5 KJ OBrien to Amjad Ali, out Caught by Sorensen!!  Amjad Ali was looking in fine touch but has picked out the fielder at deep mid-wicket to perfection. It was a shortish ball from Kevin O'Brien, Ali gets back and pulls, ends up playing into the hands of Sorenson, simple catch. Amjad Ali c Sorensen b K O'Brien 45(71)

Over 20.5 KJ OBrien to Swapnil Patil, out Caught by Stirling!!  It was a short of length delivery wide of off, Patil just flays at it, the ball takes the outside edge and travels into the safe hands of Stirling at the first slip. Swapnil Patil c Stirling b K O'Brien 2(8)

Over 31.4 G Dockrell to Khurram Khan, out Lbw!! Slower and turning in, Khan shuffles across and was on the move as he looked to work it to the on-side, misses and is rapped on the pads. The impact was on off and the ball was spinning in to hit the top of off-stump. K Khan lbw b Dockrell 36(53) 

Over 34.2AR Cusack to Shaiman Anwar He is Caught ...

Over 46.1 Max Sorensen to Amjad Javed, out Caught by Ed Joyce!! Short ball outside off stump, Javed rocks back and pulls, the fielder runs back as he was well inside, takes it above his right shoulder before falling onto the ground. Amjad Javed c Ed Joyce b Sorensen 42(35) 

Over 48.4 Max Sorensen to Shaiman Anwar,  out Caught by G Wilson!!  Slower ball outside off stump, Anwar doesn't pick it, tries to smash it hard, but it goes off the bottom of the bat and goes miles up in the air, the keeper moves to his right and takes an easy catch. Shaiman Anwar c G Wilson b Sorensen 106(83)

Over 49.5 AR Cusack to Mohammad Naveed, out Caught and Bowled!!  It was a short of a length ball, but he's sliced it in the air, the bowler calls for the catch and takes it easily in the end. Naveed was actually trying to go over mid-wicket. Naveed c and b Cusack 13(11)