Pakistan vs West Indies 10th Match at Christchurch, 20 Feb, 2015

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bowl first
West Indies 310/6 (50)
Pakistan 160/10 (39)
West Indies won by 150 runs
Man of the Match: Andre Russell
  • Mohammad Irfan 2 * (11)

Over 4.6 Mohammad Irfan bowls it short of length to CH Gayle, out Caught by Riaz!! Gayle going for a big pull and can only get a top edge, which is held by Riaz running in from fine leg,  covered good ground and made the catch look easy..Gayle c Riaz b Irfan 4(14)

Over 7.5 Sohail Khan to DR Smith, out Caught by Harris Sohail!! Back of a length outside off, Dwayne Smith edged the back foot defensive and it carried comfortably to Haris' left. Smith is furious with himself as he walks back.Dwayne Smith c Sohail b Sohail Khan 23(27) 

Over 24.1 Haris Sohail to MN Samuels, out Caught by (sub)Yasir Shah!!  Samuels charged Sohail and tried to go over long-off, but didn't get to the pitch of it, sort of outside edged it and Yasir takes a regulation catch, Samuels c (sub)Yasir Shah b Sohail 38(52)

Over 39.5 Haris Sohail to D Ramdin, out Caught by (sub)Yasir Shah!! This was nicely bowled by Sohail. Slows this up considerably, Ramdin was looking to go across the line and towards cow corner, gets a thick leading edge and the ball skies towards long-off, Yasir settles under and reverse cups it. Ramdin c (sub)Yasir Shah b Sohail 51(43)

Over 47.1 Wahab Riaz to DJG Sammy, out Caught by Afridi!! . Short of a length delivery, hurried onto Sammy, who was looking to play the pull, the ball hits the splice of the bat and ballooned towards backward point. Sammy c Afridi b Riaz 30(28)

Over 49.6 Wahab Riaz to Andre Russell, out Simmons Run Out!! 2 runs completed. Yorker on middle and leg, Russell manages to squirt it off the inside part of the bat to fine leg, the fielder had to run in a long way, they decided to go for the third, even a dive from Simmons could not save him.Simmons run out (Sohail Khan/U Akmal) 50(46)