New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 1st Match at Christchurch, 13 Feb, 2015

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to field
New Zealand 331/6 (50)
Sri Lanka 233/10 (46.1)
New Zealand won by 98 runs
Man of the Match: Corey Anderson
  • Suranga Lakmal 7 * (17)

Over 15.5 HMRKB Herath to BB McCullum, out Caught by J Mendis!! Tossed up delivery, BB McCullum made room and lifted that high up, lots of height in the shot, Mendis stationed at long-on kept his eyes and took it with both hands over his shoulder,Brendon McCullum c J Mendis b Herath 65(49) 

Over 22.2 RAS Lakmal to MJ Guptill, out Caught by Sangakkara!! Guptill is furious with himself for throwing away a start. He keeps shaking his head as he walks back. Nothing shot as he guides it to the right of the keeper who dives and grabs it with both hands.. Guptill c Sangakkara b Lakmal 49(62)

Over 33.3 BMAJ Mendis to KS Williamson,  out Caught by D Karunaratne!! Down the track and took it on the full, didn't hit it as well as he would've liked to, still it looked like that it would elude long-on, but Karuna ran to his right and dived to take it with both hands.Much needed breakthrough for the Lankan's. Williamson c D Karunaratne b J Mendis 57(65) 

Over 33.4 BMAJ Mendis  to LRPL Taylor, out Stumped!! Taylor lost his footing in trying to drive and even despite a fumble from Sanga, he recovered to break the stumps. The left hand without the ball was close to the stumps, but the right hand did the job. Mendis is now on a hat-trickRoss Taylor st Sangakkara b J Mendis 14(28)

Over 43.5 RAS Lakmal to GD Elliott, out Caught by Thirimanne!!  Full toss, swung straight to the fielder at deep square leg, Thiri takes a comfortable catch. Elliott should've hit that out of the park. Elliott c Thirimanne b Lakmal 29(34)

Over 49.6 KMDN Kulasekara to Corey Anderson, out Caught by Lakmal!!  Low full toss outside off, Anderson hit that hard and towards cover, Lakmal jumped and got both hands, it popped up first time, but he hung on as he tumbled to ground. Corey Anderson c Lakmal b N Kulasekara 75(46)